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About Parlee


​Until one fateful October day, my painting had been exclusively a private experience. 


What changed that was the passing of Jack, a dear friend’s dog. I decided to paint Jack, to help ease the sorrow of my friend and her husband, and to create a gift right from my heart for the upcoming holiday season.

After Good Dog Jack, I was swept along, creating portrait after portrait of other beautiful souls (mostly furry, some feathery). Another friend helped me come up with “Good Dog. Fine Art” to name what was emerging as my new business. A few ads and art fairs later, and I found myself blessed with this painting life.

I feel that pet portraits are best when treated with a lighthearted approach, playful color, but with extremely accurate representation,  I strive to breathe life into the canvas, capturing each distinct personality and the unique essence of each precious soul. Every new face I get to paint is a thrill and an honor.


Having studied graphic design and photography, I began working in the advertising industry as a set designer, props and wardrobe stylist for both film directors and print photographer's projects. 


I still work as an advertising photographer in the Atlanta area. Both on location and in the studio, I shoot primarily food and table-top products for various national, local and regional clientele. Should you be interested, you can view my photographic work at

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