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Pricing is based on a close up (head and shoulders) portrait of one animal on a basic color wash background. 

Two or more animals on the same canvas? The prices at right are for one animal, add 30% more for each animal added to the same canvas. (Note that multiple pets are only available on canvasses 16x20” and above).

An environment, a complicated collar, or other details will increase the quote.  Let's talk it through!

What size is best?


I like to paint each subject life size - or larger.  It is part of my style.  So be sure to have a size in mind that can hold the 'actual sized' beautiful face of the pet you have in mind. 



The canvas will be a 1.5" thick gallery canvas, painted on all sides and not intended to be framed.  If the portrait is intended for a special spot in your home, keep this in mind.  The canvas can be larger than normal.  No frame width to include.  Not having to spend money on a frame will be a bonus.  However, if you do intend to frame your portrait, please let me know and I will paint

on a standard depth canvas.


Have a size in mind that is not listed?  Just contact me directly and

I will give you a quote.

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