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Let's get started

You and I will work together to decide which of your images works best for a painting.  You can start by emaiIing me a collection the highest resolution jpgs you have.  I will return the ones that are good candidates for a painting cropped in various ways and for different formats.  You will choose the one that you like the best and I will work from that one best photo to create the acrylic-painted portrait.  

I typically start with a red ground, do a pastel sketch and then begin the layering of colors and form that will emerge as your pet.  I will send you process pix as I progress and ask you if you have any preferences for background color along with my own suggestions.

Photos that work

We all have wonderful and endearing images of our loved pets.  But the ones that you should consider or create for this portrait ideally should be taken with:


1. NATURAL LIGHT -  like outside in the sunshine, or next to a window  

2. NO FLASH - flash removes dimension


4. a CLOSE UP viewpoint - even be down at their level

Send them via email to and be sure to have your email system retain their 'actual size' so that the resolution doesn't get reduced by the email. Smart phone photos can definitely work so long as the resolution is high enough.

MEMORIAL PAINTINGS will depend on the images you have on hand, and trust me,  we will find something that works.

ELLY CROPS-1-4.jpg
Tank blanket-1-6.jpg

Multiple pets

When considering having two pets in a painting, the photograph needs to have them both in it, OR, if separately shot, they need to be shot at the same angle and with the same light quality/direction or else the painting will not work.  Some animals are willing to be shot close together in a way that works.   But most of the time, people opt to have single smaller canvasses painted of their menagerie which hang nicely together on the wall.  The cost generally comes out to being the same.

Good Dogs Carico-4.jpg
Zuzu and Mona Lisa-27.jpg
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